Samples of Wedding Ceremony Music

Violinists at a weddingYour original custom wedding music can be in many styles. These wedding music samples are available to give you an idea of the possibilities, and to help you describe your preferred style when commissioning a piece. Please contact the composer if you have any questions!

These samples are in the Classical Style. Well known Classical composers include Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven.

While live players are always preferable, if you choose to play a recording for your wedding, a digitally-recorded CD version of your music is included as part of the package!

Here is an example of a Classical Harpsichord piece:

This is a Classical wedding music sample for Organ:

These two wedding ceremony music samples are in the Impressionistic style. Well known Impressionistic composers include Debussy and Ravel. Please note that these two samples were recorded live at an actual wedding (without the benefit of professional grade recording equipment).

This wedding music sample is in the New Age style. Well known examples of New Age composers include Yanni and George Winston.

If you are looking for something you don’t hear, don’t worry! Your custom composition is tailored to your preferences. While wedding ceremony music samples may give you ideas, don’t be afraid to make your wedding music all about you!