Frequently Asked Questions


A: Dr. McConnell provides the musical score and parts for each instrument (when applicable), as well as a professional, digital CD recording of your original wedding composition. Need a musician? Try GigMasters.

Q: What groups of instruments can you write for?

A: Dr McConnell can write music for:

  • String Quartet
  • String TrioCompositions can be arranged for young performers like this one.
  • Flute and Harp
  • Clarinet and Piano
  • Brass Quintet
  • Brass Quartet
  • Brass Trio
  • Harp Solo
  • Piano Solo
  • Organ Solo
  • And much, much more!

Q:Can you write an “easy” piece for the flower girl, ring bearer, or other child involved with the wedding to play?

A: Absolutely. Original music can be commissioned for performers of any age.

Q: Will I know what my music sounds like before I commit to buy?

A: Yes!  The composer will correspond with you during each step of the compositional process.  You’ll be sent small musical clips (mp3 format) to consider, and will be able to make suggestions as the piece progresses. Every piece is tailored to the desires of the commissioning party.  Your happiness and satisfaction are important!

 Q: Will you also play for my wedding?

A: This is a non-performing service specializing in writing original classical music for weddings. You will receive a CD performance, and sheet music for your chosen instrumental ensemble to play.  Make sure you secure performers if you want your new music to be performed live during the ceremony. If you need help finding a musician, try GigMasters to search for a musician or group in your area.

Q: How much does a commission cost?

A: Prices vary based on the number of instruments and length. The price secures the composer’s time, and takes into consideration numerous years of training that go into learning to compose beautiful music in this style. Please contact the composer for more information regarding pricing for your composition.

Q: Do I have time to get a piece commissioned for my wedding? How long does it take?

A: A custom commissioned piece can typically be completed within a month, and sometimes much quicker. The time required depends on several factors: number of instruments, complexity of the piece, and number of revisions. Since the composer depends on your feedback to create your unique composition, your prompt responses ensure prompt completion of your piece. Do keep in mind that if you are having live musicians perform your piece, they will need time to learn the music prior to the event.

Q: Why commission original music when so many good tunes by Mozart and Beethoven exist?

A: Music composed just for you adds a very special, personal touch to any wedding. (Mozart and Beethoven did not write any music “just” for you.) What is more, listening to your piece during the years to come is like revisiting your wedding photo album; it will bring back many wonderful memories.

Q: If I commission a piece of music, do I own the rights to it?

A: Just like you wouldn’t replace Picasso’s name with yours and sell one of his paintings as your own, you can’t put your name on the music and send it to Hollywood. Other than that, you can use your original composition in just about any way you like!

Q: How can I pay?

A: Check or Paypal.

Q: I’m curious about having an original piece. What do I do?

A: Fill out the contact form, or contact the composer at to let him know you’re interested! He’ll be happy to respond to any questions or concerns, and provide additional information.