Unique Custom Wedding Music

Custom music for your wedding is a celebration of your love

Imagine a new piece of beautiful, classical music written just for your special day.

You and your guests are hearing this music with fresh ears for the first time.

Imagine excitement filling the air as the mood is heightened…

You’ll love this uplifting and elegant addition to your wedding.

You have the best wedding cake, the perfect flower arrangements, and your dream wedding gown. Everything looks so beautiful, it could be from a movie! You’ve poured your heart and soul into this magical day. If this were a movie, what would be missing? Music! Give your wedding the proper “soundtrack” it deserves: an original composition made just for you! There’s no reason to settle for wedding standards that have been used countless times. This is your chance to be original. You’ll love original music at your wedding!

Your Classically-inspired music is composed by a living, breathing, professional musician and wedding specialist. Whether you want new music for string quartet, harp, organ, or your church’s handbell choir, consider it done! Not sure what you want? Have a listen to some excerpts from real weddings! Questions? E-mail the composer!